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3D computer graphics is a great passion of mine. Since 2013, I have been using the free and open-source software Blender not only as a hobby but also in various professional applications: forensic reconstructions of criminal events, architectural visualizations, and simulations for scientific research.

Forensic Reconstructions of Criminal Events

Since 2014, I have been working in the field of 3D virtual forensic simulations. I have produced more than a dozen of animated reconstructions for criminal prosecutions in Italy. Virtual forensic reconstructions refer to the application of 3D computer graphics to recreate crime scenes, criminal events, or accidents. Virtual reconstructions are widely used by forensic engineers, investigators, and attorneys to communicate technical issues to judges and courtrooms, which have come to expect visuals animations to understand testimonies and events from the case.


Demo of a Smart Home Robot

In 2017, I made a 3D animation demo to present a novel device, named Momo, designed by the Italian startup Morpheos. The device is a smart-home hub packed with standalone security features like motion detection, facial recognition, and intelligent sound detection.

Demo of a Surveillance System for Homeland Security

In 2015, I created a 3D animation demo for the company Temix Communication Engineering to present their homeland security system. The system is intended to support activities like border security, public safety and civil protection. The system includes a surveillance platform based on an advanced and reliable infrastructure, which gives permanent and comprehensive country coverage for a variety of communications and surveillance needs.


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